What is Vending Management?

Vending management is a single-source solution to providing vending services for businesses with multiple locations and consolidating them into one account. A vending management company uses its network of preferred vending companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or local full-line operators to install and maintain vending machines at each property.

This centralized approach keeps your organization focused on core business responsibilities while still benefiting from the convenience of having vending for all locations. All the service and repair issues are managed by one company who knows your account well and can easily provide reporting when needed. 

Vending Management Eliminates Administrative Burdens

The best way to maintain vending machine services for all your locations nationwide.

vending management methodology

Without a vending management program, your organization has to work with many different vending companies because they all operate on a regional basis. Even Coca-Cola and Pepsi, despite their global presence, are divided among territories and different ownership. As a result, they do not have the infrastructure to manage a national vending plan. This fragmented approach can cost your employees time away from what they really need to focus on. Vending management eliminates that hassle by providing one point of contact for all vending machine requests.


Vending Management Increases Vending Revenue 

Consolidated commissions makes your vending revenue more efficient and useful. 

vending management consolidates revenue

Loose change adds up. A vending management program takes the commissions from each vending machine at each property and consolidates it into one check. This relieves personnel from having to sift through dozens or hundreds of commission statements. Plus, a vending management program will keep track of commissions. So if some are missing, the vending management company will be sure to collect them. What sounds better: a bunch of small checks scattered about your organization, or one big check sent quarterly?


How a Vending Management Program Works


Onboarding process to bring properties into the program. 


Any service, repair, or new machine requests are handled by one entity for all properties.



Receive quarterly commission checks with detailed statements.



Provide your property list and the vending management company will coordinate a smooth transition into the program using a nationwide network of preffered vending suppliers.

Customer Service

After the onboarding process, each location (and corporate personnel) will have one contact for any vending related requests. All service, repair, and new machine inquiries will go through the vending management company. Here's what Vending Group's customer service process looks like:

Vending management customer service.png

Vending Revenue

Your organization receives one commission check each quarter that includes revenue from every vending machine at your properties. A detailed statement is also included and provides total sales, cash collected, average commission per machine, commission rate, and commission dollars paid. 

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