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Need a vending machine? Full-service vending machines could be the right choice

Remember when gas stations had attendants to fill up your car for you? You’d pull up to the pump, tell them what kind of gas you wanted, and say something like “Fill ‘er up, please.” A few minutes later you’d pay and hit the road—all without having to get out of the car. Those were the days, right? Unless you live in Oregon or New Jersey, full-service gas stations are a thing of the past.  And that’s unfortunate because it was so convenient—especially in the winter. So what does this have to do with a soda machine?

Unlike those old gas stations, full-service vending is still a popular choice among many business owners. Having someone else stock and service your soda machine prevents your employees from getting bogged down with doing it themselves, allowing them to focus on their daily responsibilities. And the best part? It’s free!

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How Full-Service Vending Machines Work

A lot of people think to get vending machines for their location, they have to pay for them. But when you sign up for a full-service vending program, everything is done for you for free. At no cost to your business, the supplier will have the equipment delivered, keep it filled, and service the machine if it breaks. The only thing you need to be concerned with is enjoying a cold, refreshing beverage. The process to get a machine is relatively simple. Here’s how it works:

Site Survey

First, your supplier of choice will want to conduct a survey of your business/location to determine if it qualifies. That means they will make sure there are enough employees or customers that will potentially use the machine. Since beverages have a shelf-life, the machine needs to sell through the products fast enough so they won’t expire. The threshold for installing a vending machine is around 50 full-time employees. Some suppliers—mainly smaller, local companies—sometimes install equipment for properties that have less. Another factor the supplier is concerned with is vandalism: they need to make sure the vending machine will be in a secure place.

Order the Machine

After the sales rep determines your location will be a good fit for a vending machine, they will place the order. From this point, the installation takes about 10-15 business days. Once it’s put on the schedule for delivery, you will receive notice of when it will be installed.


The machine will be installed by the delivery department, then filled with product by the route drivers the same day or within 24-48 business hours.

The whole process takes an average of four weeks. It might seem like a long time just to get a vending machine, but—as noted above— there are reasons machines aren’t just placed anywhere. Vending companies need to feel confident that your vending machine will sell the necessary amount of product to maintain the equipment, and make sure the machine will be safe from vandals.

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