Vending Machine Service:                          Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our vending services? We're here to help.

There are a lot of factors to consider when getting a vending machine for your company. Our FAQ page has all the answers to your questions about getting a Coke machine, Pepsi machine, or snack machine. If you have a question not listed below, contact us today and we'll be glad to help.

How much do vending machines cost?

All vending machines and services provided by Vending Group are free through our full-service program. The machines are installed, stocked, and repaired at no cost. But if you're looking to buy a soda machine and service it on your own, the typical cost is around $3,600. Snack machines cost around $3,000. Visit our sales and leasing page for more information about purchasing or renting a vending machine.

How often will my vending machine be filled?

Vending machines are filled depending on their sales volume. The more a machine sells, the more frequently it will be stocked. Most machines are filled once per week, but sometimes more or less. If you need a refill, contact us right away and we'll take care of it.

How big are vending machines?

Most soda vending machines run about 80” H x 40” W x 35” D. Having the proper amount of room for the machine is essential. Check out our Coke machine size guide for more information about the different sizes of equipment offered by Coke.

Can I get just a snack machine?

Due to volume concerns, we can only place snack machines if it's placed with a soda machine.

How long does it take to install a vending machine?

On average, it usually takes 15-20 business days to install a soda or snack machine. Our process is simple:

Step 1: Fill out our online form.

Step 2: We'll schedule a meeting so a representative can meet with you in person to discuss your needs.

Step 3: The representative will discuss where to install your vending machines and the flavors you want.

Step 4: The vending machines will be installed shortly after they're ordered.

Do you offer vending machines for rent?

Yes, we have a vending machine rental program. Visit our lease-to-own program page for more information. 

Who chooses the products placed in my soda vending machine?

While both Coca-Cola and Pepsi machines must have their core brands as an option, you will be able to choose from the most popular flavors in your market area.

What sizes of products can the machine hold?

A can machines fit standard 12 oz cans. A bottle machine fits a 20 oz size bottle.

What areas of the country does Vending Group service?

We can place vending machines in just about any area. Vending Group operates in all 50 States, both in major cities and more rural areas. You can check out our service area map or give us a call if you aren’t sure that we service your area.

How much do the Coca-Cola products cost to purchase out of the machine?

The national average vend price for 12 oz cans of soda is $1.00, and 20 oz bottles vend for $1.50.

How many product choices are in a soda machine?

Most vending machines have 8-10 selections.

How are refunds and repairs handled?

Should you have a refund or repair issue, our customer service team is here to help. You can contact us via our website or call us 24/7 to report the problem, and we'll make sure it is resolved. Most repairs are taken care of within 1-2 business days depending on the issue. Refunds are generally mailed out within a week.

What type of electrical outlet do I need for the vending machine?

As long as you have a standard 3-prong outlet you should be good to go! Most machines run on 115 volts at 10-12 amps.

How much electricity does a soda machine use?

Most soda machines use about 4-6 kWh/day as long as it’s in a climate- controlled environment. You can calculate how much it costs to run a vending machine by using this figure and multiplying by your electricity rate on your utility bill. The machines are very efficient and most businesses won’t notice a material increase in their utility bill.

What if my vending machine is vandalized?

If your machine is vandalized, you will not be held responsible for any damaged equipment or lost money. Choosing the best location for the vending machines can prevent vandalism. Learn more about how to prevent vandalism. 


Will I receive any bill for having a vending machine?

No. Our full-service vending programs are 100% free. All vending machines are installed, stocked, and repaired at no cost.

What product can I put into the Coca Cola vending machine?

The Coca-Cola vending machine is trademarked and only Coke products can be vended through the machine. Coca Cola offers a wide variety of popular items including Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and non-carbonated beverages such as water, juices , sports drinks, and flavored water.

What are the requirements to install a soda vending machine?

In order for Vending Group to maintain service at a location, there must be at least 40 full-time employees or high foot traffic near the vending machine. For hotels, a minimum of 30 guest rooms is required. Apartment complexes need 100+ units for us to install a soda vending machine.

What are the requirements to install a snack vending machine?

Snack machines are different from soda machines because the items have a much shorter shelf-life. If the snacks or candy don't sell fast enough, they can spoil. To get a snack machine, your location needs to have 75+ employees.

Do you provide candy vending machines?

We do offer vending machines that can sell candy. However, since the bulk of revenue comes from soda vending machines, most suppliers will want to service both soda and snack machines for a location. 

Avanti Micro Markets

What facilities work best for Avanti micro-markets?

  • Offices must have at least 150 full-time employees working onsite.
  • Avanti micro-markets must be placed in offices that are secured and not easily accessible to the public.
  • The location must have internet access and power supply for the coolers and payment kiosk.

How is the micro-market secured?

  • Each Avanti market is equipped with a security camera. Each market will have signs throughout notifying that the market
  • Area is monitored on video.
  • The markets are placed at our on risk, your business is never held responsible for theft of any items. If a theft occurs, the security camera images can be provided upon request.
  • While there is some risk of theft, our experience has shown it to be very minimal as long as the office has a minimal amount of public access.

How often are items replaced?

New items are added each week.

How much does an Avanti micro-market cost?

There is no cost to set up an Avanti micro-market.


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