Free Vending Machine Services

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Soda & Snack Vending Machine Service

Vending Group provides vending services for all kinds of businesses across the U.S. with full-service management. That means we get the vending machines installed, make sure they're stocked, and manage any repair issues all at no cost


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Get the Flavors You Want With Our Vending Machine Services

Provide your employees, customers, and guests with their favorite drinks: Coke, Pepsi, Diet Coke, Mountain Dew, Gatorade, VitaminWater, Dasani and more!

Snack items include your favorite chips, candy, and healthy options.


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Vending Machine Services for All 50 States

We provide vending services for businesses all across the United States. View our service areas for more information.



Requirements for Vending Machine Placement

To get a vending machine, your location must meet the qualifications below.

For a soda machine:

  • Office/manufacturing - at least 40 full-time employees
  • Retail – 60+ employees for break room placement; 100+ if machine is accessible to the public
  • Hotels – 40+ guest rooms
  • Apartments – 100+ apartment units

For a soda and snack machine:

  • Office/manufacturing - 75+ full-time employees
  • Hotels – 60+ guest rooms

*We do not place snack machines only, and we typically do not place snack machines at retail establishments or apartment communities due to low sales.

Common Questions About Vending Machine Services

How much does it cost?

With our full-service program, installation and ongoing service is entirely FREE. No set-up fees, no charges, no monthly bills.

How big are vending machines?

The standard size measures about 72"x39"x33". For more detailed information, visit our Coca-Cola machine dimensions page.

How many flavors does a vending machine have?

Traditional 'stack' vending machines hold 7-9 selections, while glass front machines can hold more.

For more information about our free vending services, visit our FAQ page.