Vending Machine Size Guide

Between doorways, stairwells, and the unique design of your vending area, measuring for a vending machine cannot be overlooked. While the difference in specifications between the various machines is sometimes less than an inch, the smallest amount can be the deciding factor whether the equipment will fit or not. Use this vending machine size guide to help determine if your location has enough room for a vending machine.

Vending Machine Size: Quick Facts 

Average Vending Machine Dimensions

72"H x 39"W x 33"D

Average Vending Machine Weight

639 lbs.

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The Different Types of Vending Machines

There are three variations of vending machines: a stack vendor, glassfront, and combo machines. Each serves a different purpose, but stack vendors are typically the most common. Glass front machines hold a lot more products and are used for higher volume locations. Combo machines, however, are used for smaller locations with lower sales and space constraints. 

Stack Vendors

Coca-Cola Vending Machine



Pepsi Vending Machine


Snack Machine

snack vending machine


The average number of product selections for Stack Vendors is 8-10, and it's about 40-60 for Glassfront Vendors.

Despite vending machines having Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or some other name brand on them doesn't mean that's who built them. In fact, those big beverage brands get the machines from one of three main companies that manufacture vending machine equipment: Dixie Narco, Royal Vendors, and Vendo. Each company manufactures a variety of vending machines that come in different sizes.

If spacing is your highest concern and you're not quite sure if a vending machine will fit in your location, below is a more detailed look at the various sizes of vending machines to help with your search for vending services.

Royal Vendors

Model Height Width Depth Weight Type
Royal Vision Vendor 500 Plus 72" 39" 35.5" 760lbs Glassfront
Royal GIII Plus RVCV 550-6 Narrow Cabinet 72" 31" 33.5" 536lbs Stack
Royal GIII Plus RVCV 660-8 Standard Cabinet 72" 37" 33.5" 599lbs Stack
Royal GIII Plus RVCV 804-8 Standard Cabinet 79.5" 37" 33.5" 653lbs Stack
Coca-Cola – RVV 700 72" 47" 33" 635lbs Glassfront
Royal Merlin IV RVCDE-542-8 72" 31" 35.5" 550lbs Stack
Royal Merlin IV RVCDE-650-10 72" 37" 35.5" 620lbs Stack
Royal Merlin IV RVCDE-768-10 79.5" 37" 35.5" 648lbs Stack




Model Height Width Depth Weight Type
V21 Trade Stack Vendor - 621 72" 32.5" 35" 570lbs Stack
V21 Trade Stack Vendor - 721 72" 39.5" 35" 660lbs Stack
V21 Trade Stack Vendor - 821 79" 39.5" 35" 725lbs Stack

GF9 GGFV Glass-Front

72" 47" 34" 715lbs Glassfront

G-Snack Combo (soda & snack)

72" 44.3" 33.3" 750lbs Glassfront


Dixie Narco

Model Height Width Depth Weight Type
BevMax Media - Narrow 72" 39" 32" n/a Glassfront
BevMax Media - Wide 72" 47" 32" n/a Glassfront
 Merchant Combo - Narrow  72"  33"  33"  n/a  Glassfront
 Merchant Combo - Wide   72"  46"  33"  n/a Glassfront
 Merchant Media - Narrow  72"  33"  39"  n/a Snack
 Merchant Media - Wide  72"  44"  38"  n/a Snack
 BevMax 4  72"  47"  32"  n/a Glassfront


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