Office Coffee Services

Vending Group is pleased to offer a unique coffee service for offices across America.

Office Coffee Services

Through our partnership with Cavagi Coffee, Vending Group offers name brand coffee and top quality brewers for workplaces looking to reduce expenditures.  

Our coffee service works for businesses of all sizes and can accommodate a single office or hundreds!  We can ship anywhere in the United States!


  • Your office benefits by having a commercial quality coffee brewer installed and maintained free of charge.  Premium equipment is also available at special savings discounts.  
  • Coffee is ordered conveniently via the Internet or a toll free phone call.  
  • Coffee is shipped to your door within 48 hours.
  • Online order tracking and history lets you monitor coffee usage patterns and control costs.
  • Most coffee equipment has a 12 month warranty for parts and labor.  

Download our coffee agreement and requirements here

Folgers Coffee
Product Description Price
Folgers Special Roast 42/.8 oz packs $26.94
Folgers Classic Roast Vackets 42/.9 oz packs $29.14
Folgers Classic Roast 42/1.5 oz packs $37.94
Folgers Decaf Coffee
Product Description Price
Folgers Ultra Roast Decaf Coffee 42/.9 oz packs $31.90
Folgers Classic Roast Decaf Coffee 42/1.5 oz packs $42.34
Folgers Airpot Filter Packs
Product Description Price
Folgers Regular Filter Packs 40/.8 oz packs $30.24
Folgers Decaf Filter Packs 42/.9 oz packs $34.64
Gourmet Selections
Product Description Price
Millstone Breakfast Blend 24/1.75 oz packs $36.84
Millstone Hazelnut Cream 24/1.75 oz packs $36.84
Millstone Columbian Supremo 24/1.75 oz packs $36.84
Starbucks House Blend PP 18/2.5 Packs $45.38
Starbucks All Flavors (incl. Decaf) 18/2.5 Packs $45.38
Starbucks VIA - Italian & Columbia 24 dt $66.31

*filters included with coffee orders

Product Description Price
Bigelow Assorted Teas 28 count Specify Flavor: Lemon Lift, Earl Grey, English Tea Time, $4.35
  Constant Comment, Green Tea, Mint Medley  
Lipton Tea 100 count Regular $5.78
Lipton Tea 72 count Decaf $7.32
Product Description Price
Grindstone Café Creamer Canister 12 oz Powdered Creamer Canister $1.65
Coffee Mate Non Dairy Creamer 180 count Liquid Creamer $15.35
Coffee Mate French Vanilla 180 count Liquid Creamer $17.55
Coffee Mate Hazlenut 180 count Liquid Creamer $17.55
International Delight half & Half 180 count Liquid Creamer $15.35
Product Description Price
Grindstone Café 20 oz canister $1.87
Grindstone Café Sugar Packets 2000 ct. sugar packets $18.65
Splenda 500 count packets $27.45
Equal 500 count packets $18.65
Sweet 'N Low 400 count packets $10.95
Product Description Price
Swiss Miss Regular Hot Chocolate 50 count $10.18
Swiss Miss Sugar Free Hot Chocolate 24 count $8.42
Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows 50 count $10.40
Description Price
Styrofaom 8 oz cups 1000 count $31.85
Styrofoam 12 oz cups 1000 count $39.55
Stirrers 1000 count $1.38

*please note additional cup sizes and lids are available upon request
*please note cinnamon vanilla and irish cream flavored creamers are available upon request
*shipping not included in pricing